Msgr. Baddick Updates

My Dear People of Notre Dame of Bethlehem,


Thank you for the magnificent response to our various invitations to make a difference:


1) Rosary: We pray the Rosary every night at 7PM. Join us on Facebook—by joining the group “Praying Through Images at Notre Dame of Bethlehem.” Just ask to join our group— and we will accept you immediately. 


2) Notre Dame Dollars- We will be selling Notre Dame Dollars in a "Socially Distant" manner on Tuesday mornings.  Please email: [email protected] with your order and you receive instructions on how to pick it up at the Rectory.


3) Church OPEN for prayer: Daily: 12 Noon until 3PM.

Confessions: Saturday/ Sunday: 12 Noon to 1PM- in Priest Sacristy.


4) Stations of the Cross: Our own video version of Stations will be posted on Friday, in time for Holy Week, especially Good Friday.


5) Video Masses: The Mass for “Palm Sunday” will be posted by 3PM on Saturday. I encourage you to watch as a family, and share the link with your relatives and friends. 


6) Church Support: By mail, drop-off of envelopes, WeShare electronic giving, and Jerry’s drone, Notre Dame parishioners have continued their generous support. Thank you!

I encourage you to check with our website daily, for any last-minute changes. Go to: Let us continue to pray for one another, and our leaders, especially our President and our Bishop, Bishop Schlert, as they help us navigate these troubled waters. With God’s help, “THIS TOO SHALL SOON PASS!”

God bless!

Msgr. Tom Baddick