Msgr. Baddick Updates


Welcome back to Mass in our Church!

 As of July 4-5---we are back to our regular Mass schedule in Notre Dame Church! 

1) *Masks must be worn in Church. Thank you for cooperating with this requirement.

2) Communion will be distributed at the END OF MASS.

     *All Priests, Deacons, and EMs will use hand sanitizer right before the Distribution of Holy Communion. They will wear a mask.

     ***FOR THE RECEPTION OF HOLY COMMUNION—Please come forward, with your mask on!

     * The preferred method of receiving Communion is in the hand. The Priest/ Deacon/ EM (wearing a mask) will say “Body of Christ!” Please reply “AMEN” with your mask ON*Receive the Host in your hand/—step      to the side, and then---move your mask and place the host in your mouth. Because of the close proximity of receiving Communion, it is important you have your mask on for “Body of Christ/ AMEN” dialogue           between priest/ communicant.

**If you receive on the tongue, please wear your mask, when you say “AMEN,” ---THEN & ONLY THEN--- lower your mask to receive on the tongue.

3) *All Pews will be sanitized after each Mass. If you would like to help--- just remain in Church---directions will be given. It takes about 10 minutes!

4) MASS ONLINE: One of the Masses each weekend will be recorded, and posted on our YouTube Channel. We will not send out a notice—but you can go directly to our YouTube channel, and view the various Masses and postings.

5) Keep in mind: *You are NOT yet required to attend Mass! Please keep this in mind, if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe--- especially seniors or those with other underlying conditions.

6) Notre Dame Dollars will remain on the Tuesday schedule throughout the summer months.  They are available at Rectory on Tuesday (9AM - NOON) - please ORDER ahead of time - (email [email protected])

 Click here for the JULY Monthly Sale for Notre Dame Dollars, due July 14th, Cards will be available July 28th

Church is open daily, 6AM to 3PM. Confessions- Saturday from 12 to 1PM - in Priest Sacristy

The Rectory Office will be open for limited hours – 9AM to Noon, Monday – Thursday.  Please wear a mask!  We can often help you over the phone or via email, even with Mass/Memorial cards.

Msgr. Baddick is grateful for continued Church support – WeShare online, mail, OR dropoff at rectory mailbox. Thank you very much!